Monday, 18 August 2014

Nutritional Supplement Or A Milkshake.

Eat when you feel hungry, which can mean to eat small portions of food throughout the day. Keep about a wide variety of nutritious foods. Try eating snacks every hour; try with cheese and biscuits, muffins or a mixture.

Make an effort to eat regularly, even if they are only a few snacks or include a nutritional supplement or a milkshake. Be flexible: If does not give hungry at dinnertime, make breakfast, snacks and lunch your main meal.
Getting more calories and protein:

•    Add grated cheese on soups, sauces, casseroles, vegetables, the mashed potatoes, rice, pasta or chops.

•    Eat whole, low-fat milk, cream or enriched milk in meals as well as beverages. He is added to enriched milk fat-free milk powder.

•    Spread peanut butter on bread products or use it as a dip for vegetables and raw fruits; add peanut butter to sauces or use it in pancakes.

•    Skim powdered milk contributes protein. Try adding two tablespoons of skim milk powder to the quantity of milk which is normally used in recipes.

•    Add marshmallows to fruits or hot chocolate and add raisins, dates or chopped nuts and sugar to hot or cold cereal or snack Moreno.

•    A teaspoon of butter adds 45 calories to foods. Mix with the hot foods such as soups, vegetables, mashed potatoes, cooked cereals and rice. Serve over hot foods, since breads, pancakes or hot absorb more butter than cool ones.

•    Use sour cream or yogurt over vegetables such as potatoes (potatoes), vegetables, carrots or squash, similar to as marinade for fruits.

•    Chops of meat, chicken or fish have more calories than the roasted or boiled.

•    Add extra cheese to prepared and frozen pizza.

•    Add chopped boiled egg and cheese to a mixed salad cubes.

•    Serve curd or cheese with canned or fresh fruit.

•    Add grated cheeses, tuna, shrimp, crab, ground beef, and ham in small pieces or eggs cooked and sliced to sauces, rice, casseroles and pasta.

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